tisdag, juli 10, 2018

Purchased AT&T

Last week I bought a few shares of AT&T @ 32.74, today it is at 31.15 USD, bringing me up to 140 shares. At these prices, AT&T enjoys a dividend of over 6%.

I was a little on the fence on this purchase since I already own AT&T (bought also around this current price) and the stock has gone nowhere for years, despite a short spike to 41USD a couple of years ago. But AT&T is moving in a new direction, the question is can it compete with Netflx?

The deciding factor for me in approving of AT&Ts new direction is that it 's vertical monopoly strategy, the quality of the companies it bought, and it's only con, it's a heavy debt load.

As most know, AT&T bought Time Warner recently, and even more recently, AppNexus; a tech company for advertising. AT&T is already a near monopoly in the markets it operates in, now it is becoming a vertical monopoly, integrating itself in the entertainment content distribution market. It is not really an area of competence for AT&T management, but it has bought that competence through the companies.

Good luck AT&T!

And this just in; today AT&T purchased AlienVault, an enterprise level IT security company. At least they thought this through.

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